Spirituality in the 21st Century

Fifth Edition

Spirituality in the 21st Century offers insight into the divine, the world, and life. It presents a frank assessment of spirituality as it exists today. The concepts put forth in this book are so revolutionary they defy common knowledge. It is up to the reader to decide whether they represent truth or fiction. If you read it though, you might view spirituality-and the world-in a better light. There are no parables, dogma, or metaphors here-just straight talk. Inside find a down-to-earth approach for understanding the human spirit, the soul, and spiritual consciousness. Explore what are the five principles of spiritual enlightenment. Discover the three spiritual lessons that Earth needs to learn in the 21st century. Learn about default spiritual paths and what they mean to you. The author highlights ways to experience oneness. Spirituality is a broad concept and it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, with a search for meaning in life. As such, it is a universal human experience-something that touches us all. This book is full of wisdom, philosophy, new spiritual truths and practices. Read it and grow spiritually.

Politics in America

A Guide to the Two-Party System

This book is designed to enlighten novice and undecided voters about politics in America. To start with, it describes the types of people who make up the two major political parties. Liberal to conservative democrats and libertarians to social conservatives are covered . Next, it discusses the parties’ respective histories, ranging from 1800 to the present day. Then it explains the ideologies of each, from social issues to economics to the environment. This is followed by a summary of various landmark Congressional legislation. Next, it provides terse commentary on issue relevant to a given election, from taxes to abortion to national security. Lastly, it summarizes concept every voter should understand before casting their ballot on Election Day.

Young Adolf

An Alternate History

Young Adolf as you have never seen him before…

Experience Adolf Hitler’s childhood in striking detail. Witness his ordeals, from the rigors of his schooling to beatings by his father. Factual accounts are interspersed with fictional inventions, such as his relationship with a hypothetical girl named Helga.

Can young Adolf conquer the personal barriers his difficult childhood presented and become close with her emotionally? How will that change him?

Learn more about Adolf the boy. Experience the molding of his dreams, his prejudices, and his desires in visceral detail. Come to understand the inner-workings of History’s most infamous megalomaniac through the perspective of a child’s eyes. Follow Adolf from birth to his late teenage years. Know the boy before he was the world’s most feared man. Witness his courtship with good-natured Helga. Follow their relationship as it grows. Then decide for yourself if Helga’s influence might have altered the course of History.”

Hollywood Book Reviews

At one point or another in every person’s life, the concept of a legacy comes into our minds. Something of ourselves that can be left behind after our life is complete, that will live on when we do not. Whether that legacy is one of hope, love, or unwittingly of blood and chaos, we cannot always choose. The only thing we can do is fight to make sure we leave behind the legacy that best defines us all. As David Lowery once said, “We build our legacy piece by piece, and maybe the whole world will remember you or maybe just a couple of people, but you do what you can to make sure you’re still around after you’re gone.”

In Frank P. Daversa’s Young Adolf: An Alternate History, the author explore the legacy of one of the world’s cruelest and most hated dictators of all time, Adolf Hitler. Exploring the madman’s origins, from the difficulties of his schooling to the beatings he suffered at his father’s hands, the authors take a historical fiction turn by introducing a young love interest into the young Adolf’s life, exploring how different his life could have been had he been able to see himself through this fictional love interest’s eyes rather than those of his fathers, and the eyes of a child before he became a twisted man.

This is a fascinating read. The in-depth exploration of the young man’s childhood played well into the universal theme of real-life monsters, and whether or not they are born monsters or if they are made, whether it’s because of a difficult childhood, abuse, trauma, or even a combination of it all. The heinous actions of Hitler has always had a dual reaction from people: disgust, followed by the need to understand what drove a man to make such horrific decisions against the world. The author’s brilliantly hone in on this emotion, balancing the history and real-life events that shaped the future dictator’s life while exploring what would have happened had the young man experienced love, genuine love, during any of the formative years of his life.

For fans of historical fiction dramas which explore figures from throughout history, this is the perfect read to delve into this type of narrative naturally. The exploration of a figure like this can be difficult, but as a fan of history and historical fiction myself, I was intrigued by the concept of a monstrous human being’s origins and whether or not their future could have been avoided had life taken a different turn during the man’s childhood. The emotions and stark contrast between Adolf’s childhood with his father, the only love he ever knew being with his mother, and the change in perspective that came from being with Helga was truly engaging to read, and made for an impactful and somber reality considering the reality of the man’s life.

An emotional, thought-provoking, and insightfully-driven historical-fiction novel, author Frank P. Daversa’s Young Adolf: An Alternate History is a must-read story. The shocking look the authors take into the subject’s life and the depth that they brought into the lives of those surrounding young Adolf’s life, both fictional and real, was both thoughtful and engaging as a reader to get drawn into.