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Spirituality in the 21st Century

Spirituality in the 21st Century is an enlightening and refreshing look at spirituality in current times. Author Frank P. Daversa has written a book that is a perfect book to calm readers during these turbulent times. Spirituality in the 21st Century is a wide-ranging book which addresses spiritual and personal issues. From success in jobs to relationships, Daversa advises readers to take a spiritual path. He also writes about how a foundation in God, an open heart, and even love of nature can help people heal their emotional wounds.

Daversa writes eloquently about how he overcame his own obstacles and doubt to become a writer. He writes openly and honestly about how his faith in Jesus Christ helped him cope with his schizoaffective disorder. Daversa also cautions readers against letting their mental health issues dominate them and to seek help if they need it. He also writes about choosing different paths in life can impact a person’s life. He gives disparate examples of President Ronald Reagan, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and how their choices led to changing their destinies – and the world.

Daversa’s advice is so relatable that it will resonate with many readers. He advises people to resist the crass commercialism of society and to focus on spiritual health and kindness. While he advocates getting a higher education and achieving success, Daversa says that readers shouldn’t chase personal success at the risk of losing their souls.

Even though Daversa is a Christian, he has a refreshingly modern and open-minded look at other religions. He cites Buddhist and Hindu examples of karma that can shape people’s lives. He also cites the Dalai Lama as an influence in his life. Daversa goes against the stereotype of a closed-minded Christian with his support of LGBTQ rights. In Spirituality of the 21st Century, his advocacy for people to truly live God’s message of loving all people is a welcome message.

This book would be best for readers who want to read about spirituality and how to incorporate it into their daily lives. Fans of spiritual and self-help writers like Deepak Chopra or Marianne Williamson will also like this book. Even readers who aren’t religious will be impressed by the messages about self-help, serving others and becoming closer to nature.

Spirituality in the 21st Century is a book that will educate readers. Daversa has written a text that will deeply resonate with readers.

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Spirituality in the 21st Century

“Earth is merely a learning ground for humanity to evolve spiritually before moving on to the afterlife.”

Daversa’s look at twenty-first-century spirituality is a deeply personal account of what he has gleaned from years as a truth-seeker. The work offers an outline of his belief system and outlines how one can utilize the book to seek a more spiritual life. Though the author is a self-professed Christian, he values the lessons of other religions and includes many of their beliefs. As stated in the introduction, the author intends to “provide hope and guidance for those starting out on their spiritual journeys, those not currently satisfied with the extent of their spiritual development, and those wanting to otherwise enhance the spiritual part of their lives.” Daversa asserts that the goal of spiritual practice is to achieve enlightenment. In order to assist readers in reaching spiritual enlightenment, he lists and expounds upon five principles.

Part religious philosophy and part advice, this offering is a fascinating look at spirituality. Daversa presents a simple, easy-to-follow argument in a clear and concise style. Because the book isn’t meant to be an exhaustive look at the subject, it is a short and fast read. But the brevity of the book does not mean it lacks a depth of information. Some readers, especially mainstream Christians, may find some of Daversa’s ideas controversial, such as his view that reincarnation can indeed be possible for some people. However, as his first principle of achieving enlightenment is “Accept God into Your Life and Jesus Christ as Your Savior,” it seems evident that the spirituality the author portrays in both life and this work shares some tenets of traditional Christian belief despite its differences in other areas. Written with the obvious desire to enhance the lives of others, this work is informative and thought-provoking.

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Spirituality in the 21st Century

Reasonably thinking, we cannot achieve all of our goals overnight. They represent ongoing works-in-progress. It is the pursuit itself of these changes which makes for a positive difference in life.

In author Frank P. Daversa’s book, Spirituality in the 21st Century, I found it to be an engaging, helpful book which showcases two aspects of life: living a healthy, purposeful life; and the need to nourish one’s soul spiritually. Author Daversa starts by stating his main purpose of writing the book is to provide hope and guidance for those beginning their spiritual journeys, or those currently not satisfied with the extent of their spiritual development, and those who desire to otherwise enhance the spiritual part of their lives.

This insightful read spells out that we are born with a default destiny, a spiritual path which God has chosen for us – as only He sees fit. This path will guide us in a general direction, much like a leaf being carried down a stream of water. Further spiritual enlightenment helps people build moral character and become more complete individuals, which leads to better relationships, stronger families, and more fulfilling lives. The author believes that as much as genetic and environmental influences shape human beings, so does the soul, which influences our paths in life.

Key in his writings is the fact that Daversa credits his successes and attainment of goals on God and His divine guidance. Daversa gives his own experiences to reinforce his advice which gives the book added strength and depth. The book also covers a wide range of topics: including fundamental principles to achieve spiritual enlightenment, spending money wisely, environmental sustainability, the five C’s that constitute a good relationship, the five principles of success, among others.

Spirituality in the 21st Century has a welcoming way of discussing issues which is easy for readers to grasp. The author provides his opinion on some issues, however, he mostly provides the reader with enough information to make an informed decision on what to believe and follow. Artful chapter titles are present in the book which add to the readers’ enjoyment and recall of the concepts. Moreover, each chapter starts with a quote from well-known personalities which gives each reader an insight into what to expect.

I enjoyed this book immensely. Spirituality in the 21st Century contains practical, lifechanging lessons to readers. I undoubtedly recommend this book to readers who need the motivation to carry on with everyday life, as well as those determined to develop an intimate relationship with God.

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Spirituality in the 21st Century

Spirituality in the 21st Century by Frank P. Daversa offers readers Frank’s personal take on spirituality while reflecting on his own beliefs. I knew this book was going to resonate with my own personal experience, at least to some degree, because Daversa describes himself as spiritual but not religious, which is how I would describe myself as well.

Daversa’s take on spirituality is exactly as he explains it, a “primer” towards one’s own spiritual self-discovery. Daversa’s provides a space for conversation about spirituality and one’s own faith. He states that there are three spiritual lessons that as humans we should concern ourselves with and those are global warming, overpopulation and environmental degradation. He states that he considers them as “spiritual” because we have to reach deep into our souls to work towards fixing these issues. His take on spirituality in the 21st century also deals with consumerism and how we should focus on what we need rather that what we want. I was surprised to see this as a part of spirituality but he argues that we should be more conscious of this. He ties this point later to the way in which we tend to attach ourselves. He clarifies that he doesn’t find anything wrong with material possessions but basing our worth on those possessions isn’t beneficial to anyone. I found it to be enlightening especially as there has been more discussion around consumerism, specifically sustainable consumerism.

This is by far one of the most open to discussion books I’ve read about spirituality this year. As it is centered around the 21st century I’m glad that the author Frank P. Daversa included the Black and LGBTQ+ community in his discouse. I definitely recommend Spirituality in the 21st Century to any who considers themselves spiritual, whether you’re just beginning the journey or are familiar with it. Spirituality in the 21st Century is thought-provoking and intellectually invigorating.